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the jukes

Juke Joint is an experienced, six piece horn band paying tribute to the Classic Soul and R&B music of the 1960's and 1970's. Performances include tunes by such legendary artists as James Brown, Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, some of the greatest dancing (and listening!) music ever written.

Click here for a list of many of our current tunes.

Juke Joint - professional musicians, professional attitudes, professional results. 

Juke Joint is available to perform at:
*   Corporate Events
*   Private Events (parties, fund raisers, etc.)
*   Weddings (ceremony and reception)
*   Festivals and Fairs
*   Concerts
*   Clubs

Book Juke Joint today, and make your next event a swingin' success!


Meet The Jukes...

Lloyd Willhite, lead vocals - Lloyd brings a smokey, bluesy and soulful sound to the Juke Joint band. He is influenced by many classic Soul, R&B, Blues and Jazz masters including Ray Charles, Bobby "Blue" Bland, and Jazz legend Mose Allison. Lloyd can move from Jazz to Motown and have fun doing it. But there's nothing quite like the Blues!

Roger Bergen, lead guitar, vocals - Roger has over 30 years of experience playing in blues, rock and jazz bands. However, the Blues has always been his first love. Roger's high energy, soul-moving solos and funky rhythm playing spark audience interest and add melodic foundation to the Jukes music.
John Bergen, bass - John started playing bass at age 15 and has been in that '60's/70's musical hot bed, the San Francisco East Bay, playing all styles of Blues, R&B and Classic Rock. John's musical influences include Duck Dunn, Tommy Shannon, Jerry Jemmott and other great blues and R&B bass players. He employs a 1961 Fender Jazz Bass and an Eden amp to produce his punchy deep bass sounds laying down a driving and solid bottom!
Barbara Speed, saxophone, flute and vocals - Barbara hails from New York City and earned her chops in prominent East Bay Rock and Jazz groups. Barbara's powerful tenor, alto and soprano sax stylings rock our horn section, adding unique dimensions to the Jukes' sound. Her soulful vocals provide strength and texture to every song, leaving audiences wanting more!
Cayce Carnahan, trumpet & flugelhorn - Cayce holds a BA in music from CSU East Bay and is the Assistant Director with the Marin Symphony Youth Program. He is a middle school music teacher in Marin county and has performed with many Bay Area symphonies, Salsa bands, musicals and jazz bands. He also loves R&B and Soul music! Cayce's tasteful horn work contributes to the dynamic and professional sound of the Jukes wonderful horn section!
ben lauffer Ben Lauffer , drummer - Ben has been playing with different musical acts for over 15 years. After graduating with a degree in Philosophy & Music from West Virginia University, Ben moved from West Virginia to Marin County to continue performing and teaching. He plays in several groups around the Bay Area, and is a high school music teacher in Marin County. Ben's deep pocket and steady groove behind the kit is a key component in the funk and soul of the Juke rhythm section.