Weddings and Other Events

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Let Juke Joint Help Make Your Wedding Day Special

providing music for
your entire wedding event

REAL WEDDING MUSIC! Juke Joint's Memphis Soul and R&B music is some of the best dancing and listening music ever written and is enjoyed by all ages. Juke Joint will help make your wedding a memorable success! Band members play an extensive range of instruments to enable performance throughout the entire wedding event. However, if desired, Juke Joint can also provide additional professional musicians (e.g., piano/organ) to enhance the wedding event. This capability means you won't have to hire multiple bands and is more economical!

EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE! Juke Joint is professional, reliable and easy to work with. We have extensive experience playing for wedding ceremonies and receptions of all types and in all venues, both indoor and outdoor events. References are available upon request.

Juke Joint is completely familiar with providing the appropriate music for all phases of your wedding ceremony and reception. Our performance is always at the appropriate volume.

barbara speed playing during wedding procession We provide:
- Processional music/Ceremonial music/Recessional music/Postlude
- Organ or piano with the option of one or more of the following instruments: trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone (e.g., Ave Maria, Trumpet Voluntary, Pachelbel Canon, etc.)
- Reception
- performed by Juke Joint Band (This includes background music during the meal and a variety of music to dance to)

LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC! Samples include classical ceremonial music and music for your reception featuring our full band.

We look forward to making your wedding a memorable occasion!

MEETS YOUR NEEDS! Juke Joint is adept at fitting seamlessly into your wedding's event schedule (including toasts to the wedding couple, cake cutting, garter-toss, bouquet toss, first dance, speeches, etc.). If you have a favorite song, we are happy to learn it and perform it for you at your wedding. Our price includes your use of our professional sound system including a wireless microphone during the full event. This saves you potentially hundreds of dollars from having to rent a separate sound system.

COMPETITIVE PRICING! Our pricing is on a sliding-scale and is extremely competitive - often hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than comparable “horn” bands.

HIRING JUKE JOINT IS EASY! - Just send us a Juke Mail with your contact information and we'll get back to you right away.

“You helped make our wedding a special event.”
Deane F.

“Thank you for some great music last night...I heard a lot of compliments about your band and music…I will definitely put in my highest recommendation. You are not only a great band to listen to, but also a polite and easy-to-work-with group (not everyone is). So, thank you for that too.” Corinna A.

“I had a chance to listen to the demo songs on your website and, in a word, AMAZING!” Joe Y.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the music…I love the fact that you stay true to the original reproduction of the music. When I listen to your recordings, I fall in love with the music …” Gig X.